I am so happy to connect with you! My name is Dimitra and I hope that you can take a few minutes to look over the meditation information on my site.


My purpose is to inspire you to give meditation a try, to make it part of your every day life. There are thousands of techniques and philosophies, so if you do not find what you are looking for here, keep searching until you find a method, a teacher, a message that resonates with you. 


Why? As children and adults we are often trained to master our outside world in order to achieve and accomplish to accumulate success and abondance in our life.  We are not often encouraged to explore what goes on in our internal space. What happens is that at some point in our lives we find there is something missing. We often keep searching for it outside ourselves, when in fact what we are searching for is within us.


When we take the time to explore this internal space regularly with meditation, we gain tools and responses that allow us to make choices to be happier, healthier, have nourishing relationships, meaning, purpose and more success in our life. Challenges will always be part of our journey, meditation gives us a more expanded perception on how to deal with these challenges that allow us to continualy transform and evolve to our best Self. Establishing a connection and relationship between our internal and our external space creates that balance that enriches the quality of our life. 

Embrace our magnificence with meditation.

Embrace our magnificence as you gently let go of your roles, responsibilities and challenges for just a little everyday by quieting your mind, purifying your heart and nourishing the seeds of health, happiness and success in your life. 

Be well with love and care, Dimitra

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Ouvrez vous à notre sublimité en laissant doucement aller vos rôles, vos responsabilités et vos défis pour juste un peu tous les jours en calmant votre esprit, purifiant votre coeur et nourrissant les graines de santé, de bonheur et de réussite dans votre vie. 

Soyez bien avec soin et amour,  Dimitra                                                  

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