Starts with you.


is paying attention

to what is happening 

right now 

with curiosity and kindness." 

When we practice bringing an attitude of curiosity and kindness to our mindfulness practice, we are slowing down to explore

our relationship with ourselves, which is also connected to exploring our relationship to the world around us. 

Mission & Vision

Self-Empower with Innate Abilities

Empower the Mind and Enliven the Heart 

with Mindfulness.

Together let us empower

our youth to use their inner resources to navigate their lives with more presence, resilience, connection, compassion, joy,

peace, respect, and purpose 

embracing and contributing  their gifts to the world.


Empower kids to cultivate their innate abilities to thrive,

no matter what life presents to them.


A mindfulness curriculum in all Canadian Schools.

"We are a society of stressed-out adults 

raising a generation of stressed-out kids.”  

– Dr. Kristen Race             


Empower the Mind, Enliven the Heart,

Educating from the Inside Out.

Online Learning


Online learning from 60-minute introduction to mindfulness to

eight-week programs and beyond  for children, teens,  young adults, adults, school staff, and families.

School Programs

Providing teachers and students in a secular manner through research-based programs, simple understanding, and mindfulness practices that include Social-Emotional Competencies & Life Skills that they can incorporate in their daily life.

Learning at Home


Personal Instruction is offered to your home's comfort to explore mindfulness as a tool for connection, to support social-emotional needs and well-being.

Mindfulme Program

Core Values

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” - Carl G. Jung