Mindful Breathing Activities

Anchor Spot Breathing

 Just like an anchor keeps a boat from drifting away, my breathing anchor spot keeps my  attention on my breath, focused right here, right now.


Where is my anchor spot? Belly? Chest? Nose?


I place my hand on my anchor spot.


I use my anchor words silently in my mind:  

                "Breaeaeathing innn. Breaeaeathing ououout" 


Sometimes I can practice 3 mindful breaths, sometimes I can practice 30 mindful breaths. There's not rule. You decide what you need!

Counting Breaths

Three examples:

Breathe in + Breath out = 1

Breathe in + Breath out = 2

Breathe in + Breath out = 3

Breathe in + Breath out = 4

Breathe in + Breath out = 5

Continue if you  wish!


Breathe in counting to 4.

Hold breath counting to 4.

Breathe out counting to 8.

Repeat as you wish!


Breathe in ONE

Breathe out TWO

Breathe in THREE

Breathe out FOUR

Breathe in FIVE

Breathe out SIX

Breathe in SEVEN

Breathe out EIGHT

Breathe in NINE

Breath out TEN

Starfish &

Take 5 Breathing

I stretch my fingers out  for a high five or like a starfish .


With my index finger (pointer finger) I start to trace my hand from the bottom of my thumb, saying the words silently in my mind "breathing in".


A the top of my thumb, I begin to trace my thumb going down, saying silently in my mind the words "breathing out" and so on until I have traced all my fingers.


(I can place my hand on my lap or even visualize without using my hand  when I want to be discreet.)


Birthday Cake

Candles Breathing

Place your hands in front of you, open as if you are holding a book.


Imagine you're holding your birthday cake with with the candles lit except for the good luck one!


Breathe in gently, deeply and slowly through your nose. Yummy, it smells good! Breathe out, gently, deeply and slowly through your mouth blowing out one candle at a time. 



Sometimes you may need to pretend you are blowing out 3 candles, sometimes 30. You decide what feels right for you ! 


Breathing Buddy  / 

Pillow Breathing


Grabs a stuffed animal or a small pillow.


Lie down on your  back with your buddy or small pillow on your belly.  


Focus your attention on the rise and fall of the stuffed animal or pillow as you breathe in and out.

Shape Breathing

Rectangle Square / Computer Tablet

Trace with your finger at the top of the square breathing in slowly and deeply. Go down the left or right side breathing out slowly and deeply.

Repeat on the other sides.


Resting 8

Draw a lying down number 8.

Begin in the middle and use your finger to trace the left side of resting 8 as you take one nice slow and deep breath in.

Once you are back in the middle, continue stracing your finger on the right side of the resting 8, as your breathe out one slow and deep breath.