Schedule and Session Details for Winter Live Online                                           4-Week MBSR-T Program (6-Hours)

With mindfulness, Dimitra coaches kids to look inside themselves with kindness and curiosity, cultivate their innate abilities, and guide them to develop lifelong self-care tools to navigate challenges with a greater sense of perspective and balance, contributing to a just and kinder world.

Week 1 Live

Youth and Instructor Introductions

Defining and Understanding Stress (Good Stress & Bad Stress)

The Role of Life Stressors

Responding to Stress: The Fight-Flight-Freeze Response

Your Stress Waves

Ride the Stress Waves: Manage Your Stress

The Dropping-In Mindfulness Practice to Reduce Stress

Stress the Problem; Mindfulness a Solution

Week 2 Live

Current Status Assessment and Setting Intentions

Introduction to the Mindful Check-In

The Mindful Qualities

Awareness of the Positive and Pleasant Life Moments

Take in the Good: Doing What You Enjoy

How to Be Mindful: Awareness of the Senses

Informal Practice: Mindful of Your Interests

Week 3 Live

The Mindful Check-In

Sitting Body-Scan Practice

Assessing and Navigating Your Basic Needs

What is Self-Care?

Positive Self-Care Activities to Resource Yourself

130 Positive Coping Skills

Self-Care Levels I-IV

The Self-Care Water Bottle

Look Up from Your Device

Mindful of Silence

Week 4 Live

The Mindful Check-In

Notice the Landscape of Your Thoughts and the Negative Selection Bias

How to Be with Your Thoughts: Your Train of Thoughts

Understanding the Role of Mindfulness and Brain Science—Neuroplasticity

Engage in Positive Neuroplasticity with HOT

The Playlists of Your Life: Music and the Role of Positive Neuroplasticity

Taking Mindful Downtime and Refueling Yourself

Gratitude Practice: Be in an Attitude of Gratitude

The Gratitude Tree

Course Celebration

Fall 4-Week MBSR-T Program Online Live - 6 Hours

Price: $ 300.00 CAD