Embrace our magnificence

Embracing Oneness

Looking in the mirror You are all that I see

Love overflows within me

Ecstatic from the delight that I face

My body disappears

Divine union re awakens

Control seems safe

Surrendering is my freedom


I write, I write, I write

Incessantly so I may stay close to You

Your safety, Your love, Your tenderness

Silence awaits me for our union

Awake my body rejoices

My mind is Yours

Absolute bliss

Enchanted harmony

Nourishing me from the purest love

Realizing unbounded wholeness


Dispassion is inconceivable

Beatific instances

Restore me to my purpose

Enduring to remain vulnerable

Embracing Our breath

Tirelessly omnipresent

Aspiring to merge

Endlessly with You  


In love, Dimitra



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