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Walnut of Eden by Vladimir Kush


Four years ago, I took a year long Anatomy and Physiology course that expanded my awareness of  Wholeness. I share with you:


"Lessons My Cell Would Like Me To Remember".


My fate is determined before my birth.

I may have a long life or short life.

Although we are over a trillion,

My structure is the same even if my distinctive features may be different.

I breathe, drink, eat,

Digest, harvest energy from food, excrete wastes, grow,

Sometimes reproduce and even can exhibit irritability.

I use my intuition to decide what is good for me and what I need to let go.

My intuition is my memory, it transforms me.

My behavior relies on the signals I am exposed to in my environment.

I respond in many different ways.

I interpret and translate an appropriate response.

I sometimes will not be affected, sometimes I will hold things to myself, Sometimes I will get sick and sometimes I will bond in a way that will Generate great change in me.

All actions and reactions will cause my spirit to transform,                    Assisting me in my journey.

I will make connections as long as I communicate.

Communication is so important,

It allows me to coordinate the activity of the whole as well as my own.

I find harmony in the dependence and interconnection with others.

Similarities influence us to form communities and                                 Cooperate for a common goal.

Together, we reach a momentum, and change happens.

We evolve this way.

My purpose is to survive in this continually changing environment.

It is the essence of transforming my Spiritual Being.

I am versatile.

I connect, produce movement, control, fight, protect, gather information, And transmit messages…

I need to be flexible and adaptable as life is in constant movement.

What I allow in will cause a reaction that will transform my soul.

Who I am is influenced by what I assimilate:                                                    My nutrition, my stress, my environment.

My purpose is balance. I adapt and I code.

This is my Consciousness evolving.

I organize. I move around, I carry out activities and stay alive.

I have all the pieces I need inside and around me,                                     Otherwise I would not survive.

I am the parts of a Whole, as I am Whole.

I have an energy field, energy centers and energy pathways.

I emit energy. I receive energy. I am energy.

Therefore, I am influenced by energy.

Energy connects me to Oneness. I am light.

I am here because I have a purpose.

I am the working unit of life.

I have problems and I have solutions.

Sometimes I depend on myself;                                                                  Sometimes I depend on someone similar to me,

Sometimes someone very different assists me

And sometimes I depend on something magical,

Which will send and receive messages to and from me.

I receive what I need to be my Higher Self.

I release what I do not, or no longer need.

I evolve, we evolve.

When I divide from who I am to whom I am meant to become, 

It is not simple.

By having faith and being myself, I allow my energy to flow.

Everything has its time.

My faith in Universal Life Force allows me to always

Live in the present moment.

I am not alone.

I am a particle of the Whole, as I am the Whole.

Everything that has been, is, and will be,                                                             Is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.

Not to be questioned.

A cycle is inevitable again and again, for my growth, repair and renewal.

My evolvement depends on it.

This belief shapes me and brings me peace.                                                            


Be well with care,


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