Embrace your magnificence

"All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own."

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


      We may judge, analyze, discern and have an opinion about people, situations and things but what is the truth of this opinion. It is simply based on our personal experience influenced for example by our beliefs, religion, culture, and conditioning. So how fair is it to judge when we are judging according to experiential knowledge. Reflecting upon our own life we can acknowledge that we are multifaceted. Sometimes we are happy, sad, angry, pleasant, selfish, thoughtful, fearful, courageous, gentle, harsh, brilliant, ignorant, passionate, indifferent, peaceful, agitated etc.


We are not our emotions as our emotions are constantly changing. Our true self hides behind our emotions.


When we judge we are taking a snapshot from a glimpse of information. We confuse this as the only truth.  Just think of a foggy day when we can barely see in front of us let alone the whole city. Does this mean that nothing is happening beyond the fog. As there is activity happening behind the fog, so it is happening behind the eyes of those we cross and those we most cherish.


Each one of us has our own story. We each face challenges and at some point they are beyond our understanding, bringing us face to face with our most vulnerable self, asking the question “what is this life all about anyway?”. This space is scary, uncomfortable, frustrating, and confusing. At this point we are stripped from everything we think we know. This is not easy.


We must pick ourselves up by invoking the warrior within, and with courage, accept, move forward, and surrender.


In the next few blogs, I will share with you what nourishes and supports me to gently move forward. Please feel free to share with me what works for you too!


 Be well,




Ps. Great documentary on Netflix: "I am" filmmaker Tom Shadyac 


Image courtesy of luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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