Embrace your magnificence

“You desire to know the art of living my friend? It is contained in one phrase: make use of suffering.”    

– Henri Frédéric Amiel

“My goal is that LOVE should cover the world.” – Robert Indiana

 LOVE is an artwork by American artist Robert Indiana, located at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which is near downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

It’s all about LOVE.  


In our daily life, love can be disguised as attention, affection, appreciation and acceptance. David Simon refers to these needs in his book  “Free to love, Free to heal” as emotional needs. We suffer when we lack, lose, or want more love. We suffer because of expectations and attachments that it is suppose to be a certain way or last for a determined time and this applies to all relationships in our life.  This love is constantly evolving as everything around us, so the secret is to adapt, grow and evolve with it.


When we meditate, we tune into a love that cannot be described in words. It’s like trying to describe the taste of water. This love has no beginning, middle and end. It is always consistently present and the force behind all creation. When we quiet down with meditation we purify our mind and heart by tapping into this love or magnificent intelligence that makes this whole universe function so beautifully and effortlessly. We then essentially bring it back to guide us in our unique journey.


Sufferings may be perceived as hills that seem impossible to climb, or as bumps that we may say this too shall pass. With meditation, we begin to see sufferings as doors and as long as we are here, there will be an infinite number of doors that we will need to open and walk through otherwise we face the "dead end".


Our suffering can be a driving force for our precious life by continually transforming and evolving to our best self because grief that is stagnant is suffering, but grief transformed into a tool is empowering. 


We have all heard stories for example about people healing through volunteering, writing poetry, passing a new law. That is love, the merging of our uniqueness and Oneness.


You may ask well how will meditation help me be more patient with my kids, like my work, pay my bills, get along with neighbors, love myself as I am, provide me with purpose and meaning…?


What makes birds not bump into each other in the sky; flowers not struggle to bloom in the winter, sun to continue to shine even when there are clouds in its way, …


Connecting to this intelligence with regular meditation, our perception expands so we become aware that we have choices. Choices to do things differently, choices to do things better and most importantly a birth of choices that we did not even know were possible. We tap into expanded awareness, clarity, so instead of reacting to life we become more reflective of what may be more nourishing for us, adapting or flowing a little easier to all that we face as we realize we are constantly being guided by what we face.


As everything has a purpose in nature, and everything flows, we too are an instrument of nature, of universal intelligence. Our purpose cannot be selfish as if nature was selfish we could not be here. We each have great purpose and through our suffering, universal intelligence is directing us with its signals of comfort and discomfort in our body. These signals become our GPS to assists us on this journey.


As we evolve our purpose evolves with us. We are each here to be an instrument for each other. If we live this way then we can change the vibration of the universe. Imagine one tree said to the other, “I am” and “You are not”. We are all one, all source, all intelligence, all love. As Deepak says, “we all do the best we can from our level of consciousness.” When we know better we do better.


Embrace your magnificence, your uniqueness as you embrace the intelligence that makes us One. Connect to this intelligence and allow it to become you, then surrender, as it gently guides you to freedom internally and externally, as they are one. 


This is what works for me!  Thank you Deepak and David.


Be well always with love and care,



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